The Beginning

We are constantly hearing “you should start a blog!” so here it is. I (Kelsey) have been interested in starting a blog since coming to Thailand but couldn’t quite put my finger on what to do. I have to admit I am a bit jaded to the typical “travel blogs” and “lifestyle blogs”. I wanted to do something to stand out and be more interesting. So here it is. He said-–blog posts directly from my boyfriend, Brice, on his experiences (because he didn’t want our blog together to be cheesy and cute). She said—blog posts from yours truly (Kelsey) that probably will be cheesy and cute and sentimental. And finally, We said—blog posts where we get to interrupt each other and tell both sides of the story together. When we’re talking to friends and family about our experiences we often have different interpretations of events or different memories about trips. We said is able to combine both of those so you are able to get the full picture. Or at least our side of it.


Hope you enjoy our tales of travel, food, life, love and lots of dogs (because that’s just the kind of people we are)!

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