We met in 2014 at a Ludacris concert. I know.. quite ludicrous. We had mutual friends and ended up on a double date sipping beer and sing/screaming to “Move B$!@%, Get out tha way!”. We had both previously applied to programs to teach abroad but for one reason or another it didn’t work out. Finally after almost 3 years of dating, we decided to quit our jobs and embark on a journey to teach English in Thailand.

Meet the Team

We look cute sometimes.

Kelsey Whitford

Girlfriend, Chef, Travel Plan Researcher, Semi-Pro Amateur Photographer

Kelsey was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but has always had a thirst for adventure. Her first big experience was moving to Austin, Texas to study at the University of Texas- Austin. She moved home but always hoped to travel and live abroad.

Brice Welch

Boyfriend, Court Jester, Semi-Pro Amateur Basketball Player

Brice grew up in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin but his family lived in several states before his birth. He has a sister who is adopted from South America and always dreamed about picking up and moving halfway across the world for adventure.